CyPhy Works Selects Manufacturing Partner to Enable Faster Time-to-Market

NEO Tech, a global supplier of electronic engineering and manufacturing services, has been selected by Danvers, Mass.-based drone start-up CyPhy Works to manufacture a new line of aerial robotics products.

The partnership includes engineering, supply chain and manufacturing services and will allow CyPhy Works to launch new products to the market more rapidly and build manufacturing scale as they grow, says NEO Tech.

“NEO Tech is proud to be CyPhy’s manufacturing partner, helping them to better meet the demands of their growing customer base in the fast-developing market for purpose-built robotic drones,” says David Brakenwagen, chief sales and marketing officer of NEO Tech. “We are thrilled to help companies like CyPhy with our innovative solutions – exemplified by our Wilmington, Mass., site VELOCITY methodology that supports rapid product commercialization and provides a seamless ramp to volume production.”

Phil Bedard, CyPhy Works’ director of manufacturing, adds, “We selected NEO Tech as our manufacturing partner as their local proximity facilitates seamless engineering and process transfers as we move from development to production. NEO Tech’s global manufacturing capabilities, business tools and engineering services are a good fit for CyPhy as we grow as a company.”


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