‘Cup Noodles’ Applies UAVs for Unique Advertising Ploy

492_56568883 'Cup Noodles' Applies UAVs for Unique Advertising PloyThe Brazilian arm of Cup Noodles, an instant noodle brand from Japanese company Nissin, is using a new marketing campaign centered on delivery by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The advertisement, posted on YouTube by Cup Noodles Brazil, shows a team of UAV operators send out their remote-controlled vehicles, each assembled as a different character – including a disgruntled-looking chicken, a cow and even a personified ear of corn.

The operators set a timer to three minutes and watch as the drones, each with a Cup Noodles attached underneath by a claw, hover over beaches, waters, mountains and skate parks.

Each UAV then stops in the air over a lucky customer, who doesn’t seem to be particularly surprised about the delivery before he or she enjoys a hot bowl of Cup Noodles.

The video, which was posted on Aug. 10 and has garnered over a half-million views only five days later, can be found here.


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