CorasCloud, Verizon Conduct UAV Project to Deliver Critical Medical Supplies

CorasCloud, a provider of solutions that address individual and industry work-management challenges, recently partnered with Verizon on a project to evaluate the delivery of critical medical supplies using unmanned electric helicopters.

For the project, Verizon leveraged cloud-based CorasNow to build a comprehensive unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mission-management environment. CorasCloud says the software allows users to design, build and deploy applications without code by leveraging visual design tools. According to the company, CorasNow reduces application-development time by more than 75% when compared to traditional application-development models.

According to CorasCloud, the UAV project was a joint effort between multiple federal agencies and private organizations to evaluate if unmanned electric helicopters could deliver medical supplies or other products. During the evaluation, four separate missions delivered tactical trauma kits into isolated locations up to 7 miles away. All the missions were deemed successful, says CorasCloud.

“In just 72 hours, we were able to design and build a comprehensive mission-management environment to support an emerging and critical capability. Traditional appdev models would have taken weeks or even months to build an application like this, but we were able to complete it with CorasNow in three days,” says Jim Benson, chief operating officer of CorasCloud.


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