Consultancy: UAVs Will Shape the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry

714_163170179 Consultancy: UAVs Will Shape the Architecture, Engineering and Construction IndustryMicrodesk, a provider of business and technology consulting services for the design and construction industry, says drones are one of the top trends that will shape the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry in 2015 and beyond.

In the AEC industry, the company says, one of the more costly aspects of getting a project completed is capturing the existing conditions. As the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and reality capture continues to develop and improve, the industry will be empowered to conduct mass data collection at a very low cost with a very high level of accuracy. This will enable firms to be more efficient in the design and planning process.

‘In our field, the opportunities are endless. There's photogrammetry, scanning, delivering, site safety, actual construction, disaster planning and mitigation,’ says Peter Marchese, senior consultant at Microdesk. ‘In many ways, UAVs are an extension of someone's reach. They allow anyone to be able to access and accomplish tasks that previously would have been much more expensive or dangerous.’

‘I believe the FAA will develop open regulations to allow the AEC industry to take advantage of reality capture in construction environments with UAVs,’ comments Mike DeLacey, principal at Microdesk.

‘Looking beyond 2015, but not too far off, we'll see very small UAVs with very powerful cameras that are autonomous capturing massive amounts of information that is not only sent back to a point cloud, but also communicated with other UAVs, allowing us to very rapidly collect data on an existing building,’ he adds.


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