Connecticut Police Department Places Order with Drone USA

New York City-based Drone USA Inc., a developer and manufacturer of low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has received an order from a Connecticut police department for the company’s military-grade Shadow police drone.

Headquartered at One World Trade Center, Drone USA’s target markets include select defense segments (military); public safety (police, fire and emergency response); and commercial applications such as agriculture, photogrammetry, mining, utilities and entertainment.

“We are excited about aggressively entering into the U.S. police drone market. Our goal is to start in New England and then move south and west into New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” comments Michael Bannon, CEO of Drone USA.

The specific Connecticut police department has not been disclosed by the company. According to Bannon, the Shadow drone can be used in public safety applications such as search and rescue, crowd control, surveillance, and crime and traffic scene analysis.

Next month, the company plans to show off its fixed-wing Cyclops drone for other police departments during a demonstration at a public Connecticut beach.

“We want to demonstrate Cyclops’ value as an inexpensive water search and rescue tool; it can locate boaters in distress or swimmers who ventured too far from shore,” says Bannon. “We also intend to offer Cyclops to Cape Cod and mainland Massachusetts coastline police departments as an inexpensive way to monitor great white shark activity.”


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