Company Maps Open-Pit Mine with UAS

289_trimble_gatewing_x100_5.2.2014 Company Maps Open-Pit Mine with UASAn African company is testing the efficacy of using an unmanned aerial system (UAS) to survey open-pit mines to avoid the danger of a manual surveying process.

Namibian Mining Survey Services (NMSS) recently deployed a Trimble Gatewing X100 at a vanadium-lead mine that closed in the 1960s to determine if operations could resume, according to an article by GPS World.

The UAS needed to pick up edges and heaps, as these features can verify the current shape of a mine. As such, NMSS set up 10 ground control points at strategic locations to cover a wide range of elevations. The company then flew the Gatewing X100 at a height of 150 meters for approximately 35 minutes and included a previously surveyed area during the flight to check the accuracy of the UAS.

After processing the data, NMSS found that the point cloud obtained by the UAS matched that of the prior survey.

The full GPS World article can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Trimble


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