Company Gets Green Light to Test UAS at New York Site

Fairfax, Va.-based Logos Technologies says it has received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct unmanned aerial systems (UAS) flights at the test site at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, N.Y.

The company, a diversified defense and energy company, plans to operate its Tactically Expandable Maritime Platform (TEMP) UAS at the site starting in October.

Developed in partnership with Atair Aerospace, TEMP is a lightweight, parafoil aircraft designed for a range of missions, including precision cargo delivery to remote and inaccessible areas for assisting with situations such as emergency response, Logos says.

Larry Brinker – the executive director and general counsel of the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR), which manages the test site – told Unmanned Aerial Online in August that the NUAIR team was already working with several organizations at the site, such as the Cornell Cooperative Extension, an agricultural research arm of Cornell University.

Brinker said NUAIR had received an ‘endless line’ of requests from both individuals and companies with an interest in using the site. Now, Logos says it is the first company to get an OK.

The testing facility, located on the site of the former Griffiss Air Force Base, also hosts the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (Rome Lab). Operating in close proximity to Rome Lab will improve the speed and efficiency with which Logos can mature the technology for military and commercial applications, the company says.

The New York site, which also includes airspace in Massachusetts, is one of the six congressionally mandated UAS test sites chosen by the FAA late last year.


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