Company Designs UAV with Smartphone Hacking Capabilities


Cybersecurity company Sensepost Research Labs has developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can infiltrate smartphones and other mobile devices.

The UAV, a quadcopter dubbed Snoopy, can pilfer information contained in smartphones as long as the devices have Wi-Fi enabled, according to a report by CNNMoney. The company has been testing the UAV in London and plans to present research at the Black Hat Asia cybersecurity conference in Singapore.

Snoopy can send signals that smartphones interpret as networks they have previously accessed. Once smartphones connect to Snoopy, the drone intercepts all incoming and outgoing information. In a demonstration for CNNMoney, Snoopy was able to procure network names and GPS coordinates for about 150 mobile devices in less than an hour.

In addition, the UAV obtained usernames and passwords for Amazon, PayPal and Yahoo from accounts created for the purpose of the report.

Sensepost claims Snoopy was created to raise awareness regarding the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of smart devices. The UAV is rendered toothless if users disable Wi-Fi and set their devices to request permission before joining networks.

The full CNNMoney article can be found here.

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