Company Deploys UAVs to Create Virtual Property Tours

RoamingAround, a provider of mobile engagement solutions for the hospitality industry, says it is offering interactive virtual property tours designed with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Dubbed RoamView, the service enables hoteliers, event sales teams and tourism bureaus to place travelers in the center of each desired location and surround them with visual elements that make a brand unique, the company explains.

RoamingAround films and photographs rooms, meeting spaces, common areas and other locations of interest and then renders the images to create an interactive experience of the property. Besides UAV overhead footage, the company mentions that it also uses GoPro cameras.

Sarah Smith, RoamingAround’s vice president of sales and marketing, says the service offers “deeper customer engagement.” Visitors can experience every accommodation, attraction and event space as if they were physically standing on location, the company adds.

‘RoamingAround is taking guest engagement to new heights – quite literally,’ she explains. ‘We go where very few destination marketers have gone before – down ski slopes or flying over large resorts – to show transitions from one area or attraction to another, including beachside, pool, activities, spa, restaurants, etc.”


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