Companies Unveil Asset Management Solution for Tethered UAS

Infor and Drone Aviation Holding Corp. (DAC) have partnered to provide an asset management solution for tethered unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Infor and DAC believe that applying tethered drone technology to even small enterprise asset management projects can yield a significant impact for the success of an asset. With its ability to perform functions such as perch-and-stare, video capture and laser scanning, a tethered UAS can replace many of the dull, dirty and dangerous functions of inspection and compliance, the companies explain.

The new solution – designed for both private- and public-sector customers – combines DAC’s patented tethered drone technologies with Infor’s drone enterprise asset management solution (DEAMS).

The companies say the partnership will help automate the core business processes that provide enterprise organizations with integrated asset and maintenance management solutions. DEAMS delivers an inspection and maintenance management approach that can produce actionable business insights and improve a business’ decision-making processes.

Infor’s DEAMS uses Infor ION, a purpose-built middleware that processes the data collected by the drones’ onboard sensors and integrates it with Infor’s enterprise asset management system and maintenance, repair and overhaul applications. The data can also be analyzed with easy-to-use analytics to produce accurate information about the asset life.

“Our customers operate in increasingly complex ecosystems, many of which include shrinking budgets and aging infrastructures that rely heavily on the way assets and resources are managed,” says Wayne Bobby, vice president of Infor Federal. “With the DEAMS solution, customers are able to take an automated approach to asset maintenance and reallocate personnel to perform other essential tasks.”

Photo courtesy of DAC: The WATT tethered, electric drone


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