Companies Combine Sensor System, Mapping Tools for 3D Product Generation


Visual Intelligence and Cardinal Systems are partnering to combine aerial image collection with data processing and delivery for large-scale and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications.

Visual Intelligence's iOne sensor system is reconfigurable and supports various image types, including nadir and oblique. Cardinal Systems’ triangulation solution handles the aero-triangulation of oblique and nadir images together. It correlates the orientation points in both sets of imagery simultaneously, achieving better than two-pixel absolute accuracy.
The two companies plan to release a large-scale production solution early this year.
“Using Cardinal Systems' powerful mapping tools with an iOne sensor system will give image providers a highly effective end-to-end workflow that will significantly enhance the collection, production and use of oblique aerial images to generate 3D models in industries such as insurance, real estate, construction, urban planning, utilities and public safety,” says Armando Guevara, president and CEO of Visual Intelligence.
‘We are impressed with the quality imagery that is produced using the iOne sensor system,” adds Mike Kitaif, manager of software development for Cardinal Systems. “Aerial image providers can benefit from the system's versatility and performance, and, together with Cardinal Systems' Vr mapping software, we provide an ideal turnkey solution for stereo and oblique airborne acquisition customers.”

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