Colorado DOT Puts Drone, Photogrammetry Software to Good Use


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently deployed a DJI Phantom 3 drone and Datumate’s site surveying solution to quickly assess a water pond in order to ensure the safety of travelers on a nearby highway.

The pond was located at the highway intersection of Colorado Blvd. and I-25 in the Denver metro area. CDOT needed to calculate the maximal volume of water that the pond could accommodate before overflowing.

The Phantom 3, managed by the DatuFly surveying app, was used to collect aerial imagery that was then processed using DatuSurvey photogrammetry software. The CDOT was then able to generate a dense point cloud, true orthophoto images, and water volume and maximal height calculations.

The software also produced a 3D CAD model in DXF format, including area topography, concrete structures and additional objects. Project accuracy was less than 6 centimeters, says Datumate.

“Datumate has provided us with an important professional solution for expediting CDOT survey deliverables for projects while supporting our mission to ensure a safe and efficient way to capture data along our highway system here in the Denver metro area,” says Kathryn Lyon, Region 1 central unit survey coordinator at the CDOT. “We’re looking forward to utilizing this technology for additional jobs along high-speed travel areas, as well as along mountainous, steep or unstable locations.”

“We are pleased to serve CDOT for their projects needs and requirements,” adds Chad T. Hall, Datumate’s director for North America. “Datumate’s surveying tools provide quick, accurate and safe solutions for the geospatial projects of several U.S. government agencies.”

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