Cobb UAS Rolls out the droneSim Pro Flight Simulator

Maryland-based Cobb UAS Inc. is launching the droneSim Pro unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flight simulator, which can be used with a standard USB game controller.

Slated for a Nov. 15 release and available now for pre-order, the software – designed and built by Cobb UAS and Little Arms Studios – is based on real-world physics of drone flight. The simulator features three flight scenarios (open field, obstacle course and house fire), a 3D graphic engine, drone and pilot views, realistic environment and lighting conditions, and a real geological terrain.

The simulator, compatible with Windows and Mac, does not require an actual drone to be present, the company notes. In addition, in keeping with Federal Aviation Administration rules for safe UAS operations, droneSim Pro features visual warnings should the aircraft venture beyond the visual line of sight of the operator or above 400 feet in altitude.

“Considering the rapidly growing market and the endless possibilities for drone usage, especially in commercial drone flight, safety must be a priority,” says Jason Hershcopf, president of Cobb UAS.

“Whether you’re a novice or veteran drone pilot,” he says, “practicing your flight skills in the safe world of our new simulator will drastically reduce the risk of drone damage or harm to property or people.”


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