Claims Company Adopts Kespry Drone Platform in U.S., Canada

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Kespry, a provider of an aerial intelligence platform, including drone hardware, software and cloud services, has been selected by CRU Adjusters to provide an automated aerial intelligence solution to support the company’s global insurance claims operations.

This new partnership comes on the heels of Kespry’s recent announcement of its formal entry into the insurance industry. Founded in 2004, CRU specializes in customized claim management solutions. The independent adjusting (IA) firm operates in Canada as Catastrophe Response Unit Inc. and in the U.S. as Catastrophe Response Unit USA Inc.

Kespry’s platform is a fully integrated, fully automated aerial intelligence solution designed specifically for use in industrial applications, such as for improving the property and casualty roof claim cycle. According to Kespry, CRU will have instant access to accurate data that is automatically processed and securely stored online for immediate use.

“We’re very excited to be the first IA firm in Canada to be embracing this new drone technology from Kespry,” notes Kyle Winston, president of CRU Adjusters. “We’ll also be rolling out this capability across our U.S. operations and continuing to be among the first in the industry to bring new levels of efficiency and new types of data streams and intelligence to the insurance sector.”

Data captured by the platform delivers high-resolution imagery with a resolution of 1 mm per pixel, capable of detecting granule loss and physical damage. CRU will also have access to comprehensive roof dimensions and automated damage detection; on-site availability of rooftop imagery will be made possible in less than 10 minutes.

“Kespry’s drone technology further enhances how we handle andprocess claims, as well as underwriting elevations and pre-loss reporting,” says Glenn Smith, vice president of CRU Adjusters.

CRU Adjusters is now setting up a new division with a team of adjusters focused on the drone initiative with Kespry. Smith will lead this team, all of whom are licensed pilots in both Canada and the U.S. and are particularly experienced in damage recognition, says Kespry.

“Kespry is committed to bringing stronger analytic tools and a 100x improvement to the status quo in industrial markets, such as roof inspection,” adds George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry. “CRU will be among the first companies in their space to provide their adjusters with a way to retool their skill sets and extend their careers deeply into this new digital era.”

kespry Claims Company Adopts Kespry Drone Platform in U.S., Canada
Glenn Smith, vice president of CRU Adjusters


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