Chris Christie Vetoes Bill Mandating Warrants for Police UAV Usage


A bill that would have required law enforcement officers in New Jersey to obtain a warrant to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to investigate crimes did not make it past Gov. Chris Christie's desk.

Christie let the bill expire without taking action and did not explain his reasons for doing so, according to an article on The bill had strong bipartisan support.

The proposed bill did not require warrants under exigent circumstances ‘or if the person under surveillance [gave] written consent authorizing’ the use of a UAV. The bill did not ban UAV usage ‘for emergencies, search and rescue missions, or monitoring forest fires.’ It did, however, ban weaponizing UAVs.

One of the bill's sponsors, state Sen. Nicholas Sacco, D-Hudson, ‘plans to reintroduce the bill in the new legislative session.’

The full article can be found here.

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