Charlotte, N.C., School Launches STEM-Based Drone Program

Charlotte Christian School has launched an after-school club that teaches its middle school and upper school students to build and fly unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

According to a news post from the school, which is located in Charlotte, N.C., Charlotte Christian held a Shark Tank-style program called Knight Tank, where a ‘Knights of Flight’ team comprising two sixth- and ninth-grade students won funding to start the drone curriculum.

Through Flite Test’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program, the students “will have the opportunity to engage in STEM-driven learning and hands-on experiences with a new drone education program,” says Charlotte Christian.

Photo: Knights of Flight members Julian Segovia, grade 6; Brian Segovia, grade 9; Kaylah Holland, middle school technology facilitator; and Steve Beezhold, upper school technology facilitator


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