Canadian Government Selects Unmanned Aircraft for Precision Ag

563_precision_ag_responder Canadian Government Selects Unmanned Aircraft for Precision AgAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), a department of the country's government, has decided to go with an unmanned aerial system as a new method of assessing crop vegetation.

AAFC, which provides programs and services that help bring new technologies to support Canada's agricultural and agri-food sector, has selected Ottawa, Ontario-based ING Robotic Aviation to operate its Responder UAS, which can cover 1000 hectares (around 2,500 acres) in 25 minutes.

The company will collect aerial data at the Horticulture Research and Development Centre in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, in order to assess vegetation/crop health.

Using the Responder rotary-wing robotic aircraft equipped with a TetraCam Mini-MCA6 sensor for the data acquisition, the team will provide six-band multispectral imagery for 2D vegetation mapping.

‘Monitoring is an important task for agriculture,’ says Ian Glenn, CEO of ING Robotic Aviation. ‘Robotic aircraft are reliable tools that provide the right information in the right hands at the right time.’


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