Camber Partners with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi on UAS Test Site

Huntsville, Ala.-based Camber Corp., an intel, cyber, systems engineering and information technology company, is teaming with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi at the university's test site for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Camber notes that the UAS market is one of the company's strategic high-growth areas.

According to Camber, its responsibilities under contract with Texas A&M include the following:

– Lead systems integrator and technical lead;

– Systems engineering and integration;

– Range planning and mission execution support, including business development;

– Range infrastructure planning-design-implementation;

– Systems integration test and operation (live-virtual-constructive modeling and simulation infrastructure support of all Lone Star Test Range operations, including interaction with NASA and key government entities);

– Flight operations support;

– Flight-test planning and range safety concept of operations development;

– Range research and development and analysis support;

– Selection and management of all proposed subcontractors and subject-matter experts; and

– Development of key Federal Aviation Administration required documentation.


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