California Sheriff’s Office’s UAV is Ready for Action

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office of Visalia, Calif., says its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) program is now in full swing.

In March, the sheriff’s office received its first UAV; at the time, Tulare County was only the third department in the state to use this technology (along with Alameda and Ventura counties).

The sheriff’s office says it has been working diligently during the past nine months to prepare official policies and procedures for the safe and compliant use of the drone for law enforcement and emergency response missions.

The office says the UAV can fly for one hour at a time; however, a charging platform comes with the system so that it can remain working for an unlimited amount of time.

The drone can also capture live-feed video from up to two miles away and will automatically return to home in case it is low on power or is outside its safe flight parameters.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office says the technology greatly enhances officers’ capabilities in myriad ways: the forensic photography of crime scenes, surveillance, natural or manmade disaster documentation, search-and-rescue missions, the apprehension of fleeing suspects, the service of high-risk search warrants, active shooter incidents, SWAT actions, crowd monitoring, and explosive-device inspection.


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