California Landscaping and Pool Company Using Drone Photography

647_green_scene_pool California Landscaping and Pool Company Using Drone PhotographyThe Green Scene Landscaping & Pools, a Los Angeles-based design and construction firm, recently began using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to photograph its work.

Company owner Scott Cohen believes that although drone photography ‘will never completely replace traditional photography,’ it ‘enables people to see the work from a dynamic new perspective.’ The Green Scene says it uses a quadrotor UAV equipped with a GoPro camera.

“Our designs are typically conceived from an overhead perspective, but in the past, we were rarely able to see the finished product from the air,” he explains. “The drone now enables us and our clients to take in the environment from above. It’s a game-changer in terms of project presentation and promotion.”

“An element such as a vanishing edge, for example, is all about visual perspective, but that can be tough to illustrate using strictly land-based photography. The drone enables us to show clients how these features visually enhance the setting in just a few seconds,” says Cohen.

“It’s a tool that allows us to see the entire setting in context within a continuous moving image,” he adds. “Otherwise, you have to use multiple still photos to capture the scene, which forces the viewer to make those visual connections in their minds’ eye. This technology changes that.”

Examples of the company’s drone videos can be found here.


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