California Highway Patrol Tracks Owner of Too High Drone Near Chopper

A helicopter flying over a highway in Martinez, Calif., of Contra Costa County reportedly came within close proximity of a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) at a height of 800 feet last Saturday night.

According to a report from KTVU San Francisco, the pilot of a California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter, which was conducting a search for a stolen car, told air traffic control, “We almost hit this thing,” after the chopper needed to swerve in order to steer clear of the red-lit UAS.

The report says the CHP then used the helicopter’s light to follow the path of the drone to a house under half a mile away, where police found the owner, a student in his 20s, retrieving his aircraft.

A police log from the City of Martinez calls the incident a “near helicopter collision” and notes that a report has been taken but the operator has not been cited. The KTVU article says the Federal Aviation Administration is now looking into it.

martinez police
Source: City of Martinez police log

The full coverage can be found here.


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