Calif. Team Takes Home Grand Prize in DJI’s Search-and-Rescue Challenge

San Rafael, Calif.-based Autero beat out nine other finalists for a $100,000 prize at Sunday’s SDK Challenge, hosted by DJI, Ford Motor Co. and the United Nations Development Programme.

DJI’s annual SDK Challenge was held in Rome, N.Y., at Griffiss International Airport – home to one of the country’s six federal unmanned aircraft system test sites. DJI says there were a record 130 proposals for the challenge.

Ten finalists used DJI’s software development kit (SDK) to write programs that autonomously launched DJI drones from the bed of a moving Ford F-150 pickup, guided them through a simulated disaster site to identify victims and returned to land back on the vehicle.

“This collaboration with Ford, the United Nations and DJI adds to the long list of public and private stakeholders that have used our test site as the launching pad for the future,” says U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y.


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