C-ASTRAL Bramor rTK Drone Gets Commercial FAA Approval


Alexandria, Va.-based Modern Technology Solutions Inc. (MTSI), an employee-owned engineering services and technology solutions company, says it has received commercial approval for its C-ASTRAL Bramor rTK unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The MTSI Bramor is optimized for highly accurate mapping and surveying, with an endurance of up to two-and-a-half hours and the ability to cover thousands of acres in one flight. The company’s Section 333 exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration is for “high-precision aerial photogrammetry across agriculture, ranching, landscape, mining and infrastructure.”

The Bramor rTK currently carries one of two payloads: a traditional, digital RGB camera for mapping and a modified digital camera intended to perform agricultural assessments. The data collected by MTSI_aerospace_engineer_Matt_Deal_prepares_the_Bramor_for_launch-262x300 C-ASTRAL Bramor rTK Drone Gets Commercial FAA Approvalboth payloads can be used to create geo-referenced orthomosaic maps, point clouds, digital surface models, normalized difference vegetation index products, and custom data analytics.

“MTSI is investing in expanding commercial opportunities that will provide new customers smart analytical solutions,” explains Paul Linnell, director of MTSI’s national security division for civil and commercial small UAVs. “We are working on turning the terabytes of Bramor data into cloud-accessible imagery products. Alongside imagery products and maps, novel algorithms are also actively under development to extract features from the thousands of acres that this aircraft covers during each flight.”

Photos: An MTSI-produced dense point cloud; MTSI aerospace engineer Matt Deal prepares the Bramor for launch

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