British Drone Cinematography Company Comes to Los Angeles

U.K.-based drone cinematography company Cloud 12 is coming across the pond by opening a new office in Los Angeles.

According to the company, the move will allow Cloud 12 to work in closer collaboration with the thriving film industry in the area.

Founded in 2012, Cloud 12 says it has done work in Europe, Africa and Asia and focuses on heavy-lift cinematography.

“We created octocopter ‘Betty’ and subsequently ‘Olivia,’ its larger counterpart drone, to ensure we can fly the best-quality camera equipment to wherever the director desires,” comments Ben Keene, founder and operations director. “The long-range establishing shots that are created by the drones can add spectacular drama and beauty to any movie or video, and we’re sure it is a medium which will continue to be popular.”

James Rodenhouse, who is in charge of U.S. operations, adds, “This move into America is a very smart one, and I am excited to lead the company further within the world of filming and production that is available here.”


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