Boulder, Nev., Green-Lights Land Lease for Commercial Droneport


The city council of Boulder, Nev., has green-lighted a 20-year land lease for Aerodrome to build what the company has called the world’s first commercial droneport and teaching facility.

According to coverage from the Boulder City Review, the council’s unanimous approval for five acres of land in Eldorado County, Nev., gives Aerodrome 123 days to come up with a “master-plan proposal” for the future drone airport. After further approval from the city council, the company would then build the facility within one year.

Under the land-lease deal between Boulder and Aerodrome, the city will provide the land, and the company will be responsible for financing the project.

A joint management deal is also in the works: Under the tentative deal, Boulder would own the droneport, and Aerodrome would be the private contractor. According to the report, this agreement would bring “joint revenues and liabilities” to both the city and company.

Last December, Aerodrome first announced the drone airport, which would be located 28 miles from the Las Vegas Strip and would offer training for unmanned aircraft systems; Federal Aviation Administration repairman and pilot certification and testing; and a variety of other educational, research and development services.

Read the full Boulder City Review coverage here.

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