Botlink Integrates Drone Software with Procore’s Construction Management

Procore, a provider of construction management software, has integrated Botlink’s drone workflows so that users can fly drones at work sites and automatically upload processed imagery directly into the Procore software.

According to Botlink, Procore users connect a cellular device to their compatible drone and use the Botlink app for mission planning, automated flight control, safety advisories and real-time data delivery. Advisories are displayed on a geo-referenced map and show the exact location of the users’ aircraft in relation to restricted airspace, nearby manned aircraft and incoming weather.

Botlink triggers the in-flight drone’s camera and captures images to stitch them together into a single, high-resolution orthomosaic image that can be manipulated and analyzed as needed.

Construction managers can remotely oversee the progress of projects, document the evolution of job sites, ensure Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance, and monitor equipment. Because the typical flight takes under 10 minutes and data begins flowing into Procore before the aircraft has even landed, all project stakeholders with Procore – no matter where they are located – will be able to access the same aerial imagery instantly, explains Botlink.


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