Botlink Drone Operations Platform Tested With NASA’s UTM

Fargo, N.D.-based Botlink recently partnered with NASA and North Dakota’s Northern Plains unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) test site by evaluating the NASA UAS traffic management (UTM) concept system with the Botlink drone operations platform.

Botlink says the flight, which lasted 1.5 hours, was performed using Botlink’s cellular-connected drone operations platform and an experimental, fixed-wing aircraft, which also used the company’s extended-endurance battery.

The flight was performed at a rural location in North Dakota under the supervision of the Northern Plains test site and NASA.

On April 19, multiple UAS were launched simultaneously at the FAA test sites, and communication with the UTM system was tested and verified. The ultimate goal of the research is to develop and demonstrate an automated system for low-altitude airspace management that ensures only authenticated UAS operate in specific areas; results of the research are being sent to NASA.

Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Botlink, says, “UAS traffic management is a key part of incorporating drones into the national airspace, and Botlink is excited to assist with the development of technology that supports our goal of connecting drones to industry.”


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