Bloodhound Works in Tandem with Sheriff’s Department’s Drone Unit

Earlier this year, the northeast region unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) unit of North Dakota’s Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct UAS operations nationwide. Now, the unit is reportedly testing dogs in tandem with the technology.

According to an article from the Grand Forks Herald, Daisy the bloodhound, alongside her handler, took part in a drill in which the two of them were sent to locate another member of the department who was hiding in the woods of the University of North Dakota’s Oakville Prairie, situated 15 miles outside of Grand Forks.

Using a Qube drone, a quadcopter from AeroVironment, a team roughly half a mile from the site was able to not only conduct a search of their own via video feed, but also keep track of Daisy and her handler. According to AeroVironment, the Qube – whose target market is law enforcement/first responders – is a 5.5-lb. aircraft offering 40 minutes of flight time.

The Grand Forks Herald report notes that department’s drone-plus-dogs work is still in its research and development stage.

Read the full Grand Forks Herald coverage here.


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