Bladeless Drone Propulsion Tech Up for Collegiate Invention Award

For his invention of a bladeless drone, John Mohyi, a Michigan State University law student and CEO of Mohyi Labs, has been selected as a 2016 Collegiate Inventors Competition (CIC) graduate finalist.

CIC, a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, has been honoring and awarding college innovators for 25 years, according to Michigan State.

Mohyi is among the 11 finalist teams that will have the opportunity to present their inventions to a panel of final-round judges, comprising National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees, United States Patent and Trademark Office experts, and AbbVie scientists.

Mohyi Labs created patent-pending “ducted counter-vortex impeller technology,” which, according to the company’s website, “works by altering the airflow out of a vortex pattern and converting it into useable thrust.”

“Additional advantages of the technology include the potential to exceed the efficiencies of existing bladed propulsion and the ability to operate both in the air and in sub-aquatic environments,” the description says.

Michigan State says Mohyi’s propulsion technology was also featured on “America’s Greatest Makers” on TBS.

Mohyi graduated from Wayne State University in 2011 and has founded or co-founded three other companies: Black Ice Beverages LLC, Michigan Central Station Preservation Society and American Organ Foundation.

More on the bladeless drone design can be found here.


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