Bird-X Introduces Drone for Bird Control on Golf Courses

Last week at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego, Bird-X Inc. unveiled the ProHawk UAV, a drone designed for bird control on golf courses.

According to Bird-X, pest water birds, such as Canada geese, can damage expensive greens and tee boxes, pollute the golf course with bird waste, or even physically attack people. Chicago-based Bird-X says it manufactures a humane line of bird-control products that deter the animals without harming them.

Its newest creation, the ProHawk UAV, combines a sonic bird repeller with GPS technology. The drone, which can also be equipped with a camera, emits sonic predator sounds and can launch, patrol and land autonomously after being programmed with waypoints.

“The ProHawk UAV drone uses a combination of sight and sound to teach birds, like Canada geese, not to return,” explains Dennis Tilles, president of Bird-X.

The company also offers the BirdXPeller drone, controlled by a remote control.


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