Bigfoot Researchers Look into Using Drones

937_gettyimages_152533219 Bigfoot Researchers Look into Using DronesCryptozoologists – those who study cryptids, creatures such as Bigfoot and Yeti – are looking into using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in their work.

Bill Brock, the lead investigator of the Destination Channel's reality show ‘Monsters Underground,’ will be giving a presentation on UAS at an upcoming conference.

During the 2015 Creature Weekend Conference – held at Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge, Ohio, on May 1-3 – Brock will present “The Use of Drones in Cryptozoological Research.” Brock, who is also a filmmaker, has been researching Sasquatch and other cryptids for years.

He will be discussing how drones' mobility can enhance a cryptozoological investigation, as well as what features to look for in a unit and how to determine if a particular drone is appropriate for one's needs.

His presentation will also include a drone flight demonstration.


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