BBC’s Planet Earth II to Incorporate UAV-Captured Footage

Planet Earth II – a series on BBC One, a channel of the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) in the U.K. – will be premiering later this year in ultra HD and incorporating footage from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Produced by the BBC’s Natural History Unit, Planet Earth originally premiered a decade ago and gave viewers a portrait of life on earth, according to a release from BBC. Now, the network says, Planet Earth II will reveal the planet from a completely new perspective by using significant advances in both filming technology – including UAVs – and the understanding of the natural world.

“A decade on from [presenter] Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth, this new series promises to be an extraordinary experience for our audience,” says Charlotte Moore, BBC’s controller of TV channels and iPlayer. “Filmed over three years across the globe with all the very latest technology, the series uncovers stories about the natural world we have simply never been able to witness before.”

Using the latest camera stabilization, remote recording and aerial drone technology, the series – to be presented again by Attenborough – takes the audience closer to nature and allows them to experience the wilderness as if they were there, says BBC.


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