Battery-Powered UAV Prototype Takes Flight

AMP Trucks, a subsidiary of AMP Holding Inc., has successfully designed and flown a prototype of its new HorseFly battery-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), designed for the package-delivery market.

Built in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati's Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, the eight-rotor aircraft uses advanced motor controls to manage dynamic forces (e.g., wind gusts) in flight, the company explains.

Steve Burns, CEO of AMP Electric Vehicles, says the company's background in making battery systems and motor control systems for electric vehicles was useful in designing the UAV.

When mated to the company's Workhorse electric truck, the HorseFly can quickly recharge from the truck’s large battery. With delivery trucks scattered within almost any region during the day, the UAV can make short flights from the vehicle, as opposed to flying from a warehouse for each delivery, says AMP.


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