Band Member Launches Beers at UAV During Concert

488_476516201 Band Member Launches Beers at UAV During ConcertWhen a band spotted an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) above them at a concert, they took matters into their own hands: The bass player threw beer at the aircraft, knocking it down to its demise.

The YouTube video footage shows the ‘Trash Talk’ band member throw not one but two beers at the drone, which then falls to the ground and luckily avoids contact with any concert-goers.

According to comments on the video, aerial photography company Detroit Drone, which was hired by promoters to get footage of the concert, says it was just doing its job and was not responsible for letting the band know beforehand.

“I was flying from the secure area in front of the stage so [the band] would have known. They had also seen me flying all day for the skateboard event upstairs. They knew,” Detroit Drone writes, implying that the UAV’s flight should not have been a mystery or a shock to the band.

The company adds that it has been “promised reimbursement” – not from the band, which it “hasn’t heard from” – for the damaged UAV, as well as the attached GoPro, which now has a “chunk out of the lens,” Detroit Drone explains in the comments.

This isn’t the first incident of its kind in recent times. In June, congregating fans took down a UAV outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles after their hockey team won the championship.

Watch the concert footage here.


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