Band Goes with Drone for New Aerial Music Video


To add a twist to its new music video, U.S.-based alternative rock band OK Go decided to go with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Billboard reports that the four-member group traveled to Tokyo to partner with Honda – which sponsored the video – and director Morihiro Harano, who filmed with a camera-equipped octocopter.

The aircraft was flown manually and via GPS and, at some points, reached a height of almost half a mile (2,640 feet). This extreme altitude is evidenced at the end of the video, when the camera steadily zooms out from above the multitude of spinning umbrellas and moves up at the height of the clouds.

The angles shift smoothly from a ground to an aerial perspective throughout the video, which was filmed with the UAV in one entire shoot without stopping (after 50-60 attempts), the report says.

The full Billboard article can be read here.

Watch OK Go's music video here.

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