Australian Regulator Probes UAV Crash that Leaves Woman Injured

The Australian aviation safety regulator has launched an investigation following an incident in which a female runner claims that she was struck in the head by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Raija Ogden was completing the running portion of a triathlon when a drone operated by Warren Abrams of New Era Photography and Film crashed, according an article by The Guardian. Abrams maintains that the falling aircraft frightened Ogden, causing her to trip and sustain injuries.

Ogden received three stitches at a hospital and says that an ambulance crew removed a piece of propeller from her head.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has reviewed videos and photos stemming from the incident, and if CASA finds that Abrams was in regulatory violation, he could face prosecution or fines of up to approximately $7,468.

Commercial UAV operations in Australia require a CASA-issued certificate, and drones must be flown at least 30 meters away from people and property.

The full Guardian article is available here.


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