Austin Company Rolls out Drone Workflow Software Solution

Austin, Texas-based Optelos says it is offering a new approach for creating integrated, collaborative and scalable drone programs: a turnkey solution for drone workflow.

Optelos has created the Drone Work Advisor cloud software, along with the Drone Sync Field App.

The company aims to solve three fundamental challenges in building scalable drone programs: standardizing workflow, normalizing data and conducting the surveys.

Optelos’ patent-pending DroneSync technology can index and correlate drone digital assets in the field. In addition, DroneSync allows drone service vendors to aggregate and characterize their results; it then synchronizes the normalized data back to the secure cloud server.

With the Drone Work Advisor cloud-based software, enterprises can easily manage, view and act on the normalized data – regardless of the data source. In essence, the software does the work of bringing disparate puzzle pieces together for a big picture that makes sense, the company explains.

“Our platform can help businesses of all sizes implement standardized work orders, project planning, data aggregation, vendor management, and decision support within a single, simple, scalable cloud application,” says David Tran, president and co-founder of Optelos.


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