Applied Aeronautics Now Delivering the Albatross UAV

1260_albatross Applied Aeronautics Now Delivering the Albatross UAVApplied Aeronautics LLC has started delivering its Albatross unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform – what the company calls the market's first affordable workhorse UAV.

According to Applied Aeronautics, the Albatross features low stall speeds, high max efficiency, a large cruise window and payload capacity, built-in wing component bays, an entirely electric propulsion system, and a 10-foot wingspan. It is also nearly silent and can fly for over two hours, reach speeds of up to 90 MPH and travel for over 100 miles.

The UAV can also be equipped with a thermal camera for heat detection, normalized difference vegetation index camera for crop-health assessment or HD camera for land surveying.

Available for purchase at the company’s online store, the Albatross airframes start at $875, the Albatross DIY kits start at $1,500 and the Albatross ready-to-fly models start at $4,800.

In conjunction with the launch of the Albatross UAV, Applied Aeronautics has also launched a line of supporting products, starting with AppliedHD, a proprietary high-definition video, low-latency, and affordable streaming device.

The company first launched the Albatross on Kickstarter on March 23 and raised $41,606 by April 22.


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