Applanix, American Aerospace Advisors Conduct Test Flight of Mapping UAS

Mobile mapping and positioning provider Applanix Corp. and American Aerospace Advisors Inc. (AAAI) have completed a successful series of test flights of AAAI's RS-16 platform equipped with Applanix' DMS-UAV aerial photogrammetry payload.

According to Applanix, the tests were conducted over restricted airspace in New Jersey. A joint team from Applanix and AAAI planned and flew a sequence of missions to evaluate the capabilities of the unmanned aerial system (UAS).

Applanix says the system, consisting of the airframe and its avionics, mobile ground control station, and digital mapping payload, performed according to expectations and successfully produced high-quality imagery.

The UAS, Applanix reports, can be used for civilian applications that include pipeline monitoring and power line and emergency response mapping.

‘Performing safe and successful missions with long-endurance unmanned aircraft in civilian airspace are a challenge that goes far beyond selecting the right aircraft and payload,’ comments David Yoel, CEO of AAAI. ‘Working with Applanix, we have produced an integrated system that is designed from the ground up with civilian mapping operations in mind.’

‘The market for airborne imaging systems is in a state of rapid change,’ adds Joe Hutton, director of inertial technology and airborne products at Applanix. ‘Developments in imaging technology, in processing capability and in the nature of inertial sensors make a directly georeferenced UAS a reality today, where it would have been inconceivable even a few years ago.’


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