Antrica Introduces 43-Gram Video Encoder for UAVs

Antrica, a U.K.-based supplier of H264 video encoding and streaming solutions, has unveiled the ANT-1772 UAV Micro, a multi-channel video encoder designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Antrica touts the product, weighing under 43 grams, as the world’s smallest dual-channel H.264 HD/SD encoding or decoding solution. ANT-1771 is available as a printed circuit board module for integration into UAV systems.

The board features simultaneous, low-latency streaming of two sources from HD-SDI and analog composite signals, with two-way serial data, audio and micro SD card recording on board.

According to the company, the miniature 45 x 45 x 18 mm board can be integrated easily into a drone design and offers extended temperature and voltage ranges for operation. Along with encoding, the unit can act as a hardware decoder with HD-SDI, micro HDMI and composite outputs.

“Antrica has been providing an extensive range of video encoding and decoding solutions to a variety of applications and markets for over 15 years. The ANT-1772 is Antrica’s first solution specifically designed for the UAV/drone market and meets new standards for miniaturization,” explains Les Litwin, sales director of Antrica.


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