AMP Wants to Bring Drone, Electric Vehicle Combo to USPS

In a response to the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) request for information (RFI) for its Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) Acquisition Program, AMP Holding Inc. has outlined the potential benefits of its Workhorse electric truck combined with the HorseFly drone.

AMP Holding, the parent company of AMP Electric Vehicles Inc., touted the potential cost savings to the USPS of the Workhorse E-GEN electric truck and the delivery drone.

Last year, the company designed and flew a prototype of its battery-powered, eight-rotor HorseFly. When mated to the Workhorse electric truck, the HorseFly can quickly recharge from the vehicle’s battery.

‘We believe our approach to the NGDV could help the USPS reduce operating costs and increase efficiency as they move toward larger vehicles that can accommodate both mail and packages,” says Steve Burns, CEO of Amp Holding.

“Additionally, our optional integrated HorseFly package delivery drone is designed to increase the number of packages that a truck can deliver in a day. Our technology has the potential to make the USPS the greenest, most efficient delivery fleet in the world while giving it the advantages it needs to improve its bottom line.”

The USPS anticipates making a single award in 2017 to a supplier for up to 180,000 NGDVs to replace its current fleet of mail delivery vehicles. The USPS has stated that it expects to evaluate the submitted RFIs and in April announce a short list of original equipment manufacturers, which will then submit detailed specifications and build several prototypes for testing.

Photo courtesy of AMP Electric Vehicles


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