Amazon Prime Air Guide Released by Ecommerce Software Company

TrueShip, a provider of ecommerce shipping software and automated returns management solutions, has released a guide all about the Amazon Prime Air drone-delivery initiative.

According to TrueShip, its goal is to help retailers and consumers better understand how the Amazon Prime Air service is designed to work and how it could potentially ease fulfillment in major metropolitan areas without the usage of delivery trucks or other costly shipping methods.

TrueShip explains that consumers are attracted to Amazon’s current Prime service because it offers two-day shipping and hassle-free returns – two of the most important selling points in ecommerce. Now, Amazon is preparing to roll out its Prime Air service, which would implement unmanned aircraft systems to deliver packages weighing under 5 lbs.

“Amazon Prime Air is a very interesting and futuristic endeavor. It represents the intuitivism of this conglomerate and how it’s reshaping the ecommerce and shipping world,” comments Michael Lazar, director of online marketing at TrueShip. “If you are wondering just how this Prime delivery service might work in the future, our newest guide can get you caught up.”

TrueShip’s guide can be found here.


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