AMA Launches More Commercial UAS Pilot Test Prep

The Academy of Model Aeronautics’ (AMA) education department, in conjunction with Fly Robotics, is releasing a Part 107 preparatory course for future remote pilots.

According to AMA, the online training course will provide potential commercial unmanned aircraft system (UAS) pilots the knowledge needed to pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) remote pilot certification test.

AMA says the Fly Robotics Part 107 UAS Ground School Preparatory Course focuses on a pilot’s need to understand basic UAS functions for safe and controlled flight operations.

A partner of AMA, Fly Robotics is a veteran-owned company with more than 10,000 Department of Defense-certified UAS hours and 50-plus years of experience flying fixed-wing, rotary-wing and multi-rotor platforms for military, recreational and competitive model aviation.

AMA also recently announced a partnership with UAV Ground School for remote pilot test preparation.


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