Airware-Powered Drone America Touts the Just Released Platform

Airware-Powered Drone America Touts the Just Released PlatformReno, Nev.-based Drone America recently integrated its drones with Airware's new autonomous flight control system, the Aerial Information Platform.

Drone America says its small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), including the Dax8, are now powered by the platform. The company hopes to include its larger unmanned systems as Airware’s product evolves.

Airware’s Aerial Information Platform, released earlier in April, enables customers to tailor UAS to any commercial application by connecting airframes, actuators, sensors, payloads and application-specific software.

“Working with Airware makes a big difference to us,” Drone America says in a video, “because everything that we dream and all of those impossible tasks that we thought we would never achieve in the next couple of years we now can.”

Airware’s system, the video says, “is very modular and very capable of adding the same competency and the same redundancy and additional safety to our systems which we insist upon when we work with our clients.”


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