Airogistic Introduces Expanded DroneDome for Netted UAV Testing

Airogistic LLC – a Dripping Springs, Texas-based provider of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) infrastructure products and services – has introduced its newer version of the DroneDome, an outdoor, netted shelter for UAV testing.

The company says the latest model has a configurable flight area that can be larger or smaller than its standard size of 40 x 50 x 30 feet. The larger flight area allows drone users, developers and researchers to fly larger drones for longer distances within the DroneDome (without federal restrictions of being in national airspace). Also included is a retractable roof.

“The new DroneDome allows users to do a lot more than just test out drones. With this latest version, the DroneDome can be scaled to host drone events, races or simulate drone applications,” says Mike Foley, a partner in Airogistic.


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