Airnest Rolls out Flight Log Tool on UAS App

Airnest has launched a free, cloud-based logging tool for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators.

In turn, says the company, pilots are able to play back flights in real time; receive moment-by-moment flight metrics, including battery performance, orientation, GPS status, speed, location and altitude; share flights by linking or embedding the flight player; and retain flight data for monitoring drone performance and compliance.

“We built Airnest so pilots have greater control over the entire flying experience – from tools for complex flight planning to a powerful platform for logging and analysis,” says Ben Brautigam, co-founder of Airnest.

When using the Airnest app, pilots can sync flights automatically or upload logs from other services, such as DroneDeploy. Soon, Airnest will offer the ability to upload logs from DJI GO and other providers.

“It’s amazing to see your own flight data presented in such a simple, understandable way; diagnosing potential problems is going to be much easier,” adds Justin Miller, a filmmaker and co-founder of Airnest.

The Airnest app, which also includes drone control and flight planning, is available for free on the Apple App Store.

In 2015, Airnest entered the market with an iPhone and iPad app that allows pilots to draw a flight path with their finger and have their UAS safely fly on autopilot while capturing video or camera stills.


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