Agrowing and Mavis Link up for UAV Precision Ag Solution

Agrowing Ltd. – a provider of high-resolution, low-distortion, multispectral cameras – has announced an integration with Bitmapping’s Mavis unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry and mapping software.

Agrowing’s modified Sony ILCE QX1 camera is an agricultural multispectral camera based on Agrowing’s patent-pending lens technology. It weighs 335 g (including battery and lens). Agrowing has also developed a lightweight (40 g) passive Nadir gimbal, which exploits the camera weight to keep its vertical position at all time – without consuming any battery powe, the company says.

Agrowing’s camera provides 8-mp resolution per color channel (2200×3600 pixels) with less than 1% distortion. It has exchangeable normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and red-edge narrow bands lenses. The NDVI lens acquires 450 nm, 550 nm, 650 nm and 850 nm, and the Red-Edge lens acquires 450 nm, 550 nm, 71 0nm and 850 nm.

Agrowing says its software enables near-real-time, on-location analysis and identification of pests and diseases through its smart and automatic points-of-interest detection. Such immediate analysis is possible due to the high quality and low distortion of the imagery, which does not require any per-analysis pro-processing, the company explains.

Mavis’ software covers the entire workflow – from single UAV images to GIS-ready maps. Mavis comprises precise georeferencing; on-site image analysis and stitching; image pre-processing; generation of digital surface models and orthophotos; color post-processing; computation of vegetation indices; and HTML reports, including WebGL 3D models.

Agrowing offers its solution through Stampede Presentation Products. It is also offered ready-to-fly: integrated with 3DR’s Solo and triggered over USB through the drone’s PixHawk2 autopilot by Mission Planner or Tower.


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