Agricultural Data Coalition Aims to Streamline Data Management for Farmers

The Agricultural Data Coalition (ADC) has been established as an organization to help farmers better control, manage and maximize their data, including that from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Founder of the group are AGCO, the American Farm Bureau Federation, Auburn University, CNH Industrial, Crop IMS, The Ohio State University, Mississippi State University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Raven Industries, and Topcon Positioning Group.

ADC says its goal is to build a data repository where farmers can securely store and oversee the information collected by their tractors, harvesters, UAVs and other devices. Over time, that data can then be scrubbed, synced and transmitted in an efficient and uniform way to third parties – e.g., researchers, crop insurance agents, government officials, farm managers or input providers.

“The key is that farmers are in complete control, and they decide who is allowed access to their data,” says Matt Bechdol, executive director of ADC. “That’s what sets ADC apart. This is not about profit for others; it’s about streamlining data management, establishing clear lines of control, and helping growers utilize their data in ways that ultimately benefit them.

“Farmers deposit their asset into a secure location. They manage that asset through the equivalent of an online banking system, and then just like an ATM or an online transaction, ADC is able to transmit the data on the farmer’s behalf wherever the farmer wishes.”

Bechdol says ADC is working with farming stakeholders to ensure the system is organized, structured and positioned to operate in ways that will be most beneficial to growers.

David Larson, vice president of product portfolio planning at CNH Industrial, adds, “We believe that this initiative will enable growers and their trusted advisors opportunities to continually expand the value which can be extracted from agronomic data.”


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