Agribotix Brings Drone-Enabled Solutions to Panamanian Farmers

Boulder, Colo.-based Agribotix LLC says its Latin American venture, Agribotix LatAm (an Eco BCG company), is helping Panamanian farmers use agricultural drones, data and analytics to boost crop production and reduce costs.

The agricultural intelligence company is working with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) to show growers the benefits of using the technology.

According to Agribotix, the collaborative effort will help farmers respond to new environmental challenges, such as increased climate variability, new pest threats, disease and diminishing agricultural acreage. The Panama pilot program aims to identify best practices for using drones effectively to improve farming under Panamanian agro-ecological conditions and to accelerate adoption of the technology.

The guidelines will be disseminated later by IICA throughout Panama and to the 34 member countries, stretching from Canada to Argentina, says Agribotix.

The company says initial testing in Panama illustrated the effectiveness of using Agribotix’s drone-enabled solutions, such as FarmLens, to survey an entire field and rapidly identify areas that require attention – enabling farmers to take appropriate action before a problem becomes widespread.


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