Aeryon Expands sUAS Imaging Portfolio with Vector, SR-EO/IR Mk II

Aeryon Labs Inc., a Waterloo, Ontario-based provider of vertical takeoff and landing small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) solutions, has introduced Vector, an integrated onboard computing platform dedicated to real-time video processing.

Available on select Aeryon payloads, including the Aeryon HDZoom30 and the new Aeryon SR-EO/IR Mk II, Vector employs advanced video processing algorithms to minimize operator workload, as well as optimize target identification and acquisition, the company says.

Initial applications deployed on the Vector platform include digital image stabilization, moving target indicator and target tracker. Aeryon expects to release additional capabilities in 2017.

Aeryon has also introduced the next generation of its multi-sensor imaging payload for its Aeryon SkyRanger UAS: the SR-EO/IR Mk II. With a dual sensor daylight and thermal imaging payload, the SR-EO/IR Mk II delivers HD video and digitally enhanced, stable, infared imaging in an IP-53 rated, three-axis-stabilized gimbal.

According to Aeryon, the SR-EO/IR Mk II provides critical infrastructure inspectors and tactical operators – police, fire services and other first responders – anytime/anywhere aerial intelligence with greater flexibility and accuracy in target identification, acquisition and image capture.

“Our customers rely on Aeryon UAS for the most demanding and time-critical applications,” comments Dave Kroetsch, president and CEO of Aeryon. “We are committed to ongoing innovation in autonomous operation and data capture to ensure operators can reliably and consistently get the job done.”

Vector and the SR-EO/IR Mk II payload will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.Aeryon Expands sUAS Imaging Portfolio with Vector, SR-EO/IR Mk II


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